Production ramp up and production release in anticipation
95% of modifications documented by the tier one supplier are accepted by the OEM. However, the implementation will typically take place only 4 to 5 months after the documentation.

SOS AIRCRAFT ON TARMAC aims to provide tier one suplliers with functionalities allowing not only to release production of modifications in anticipation but also to orderly “de stack” the modification in the low probability case where it is not approved. Thus, in return for a managed risk, and the tools to manage it, an improved production ramp up and a decrease of late work can be achieved across the supply chain in a context of extended concurrent engineering. 

Aircraft conversion

50% of aircraft in service are reaching the end of their life. There is a potential market to covert them into tankers, freighters or private jets. However, aircraft conversion is both risky and costly if the original configuration is not completely known.

SOS AIRCRAFT ON TARMAC SOS AIRCRAFT ON TARMAC aims to help create conditions that make the conversion process profitable with a goal of 30% of the price of new.

Research will be carried out on the capacity and flexibility of mass customization. Tools comparing configuration with aircraft in service will allow to: 
                                                                     - Optimize the choice of aircraft or assemblies best suited to a given purpose.
                                                                     - Quickly provide price estimates and coordinated tasks release.


New services

SOS AIRCRAFT ON TARMAC   will carry out research to generate new extracts from product structures and bills of materials in order to facilitate services linked to each product function, at each stage of the product life. This service oriented angle will help the industry improve customer service and the airlines their commercial policy.

 SOS AIRCRAFT ON TARMAC  aims to develop methods and tools that will in turn create new markets or extend existing ones.