SOS AIRCRAFT ON TARMAC is a Non Governmental Organization to help aviation industry to reduce aircraft immobilization time on tarmac during  the entire aircraft life cycle.
SOS AIRCRAFT ON TARMAC rose from the difficulties encountered by major programmes such as the A380 and the 787 and more particularly from the challenges they faced with production ramp up, resolution of accumulated late work and financing of the supply chain.

SOS AIRCRAFT ON TARMAC also focuses on the aircraft reconversion process in order to develop a second hand market and facilitate reuse of aircraft and assemblies, all to be major markets in the next 10 years.

For a better environmental policy

According to the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) of the UK, over 2000 aircraft are about to be dismantled worldwide. And they estimate that over 6200 aircraft will be retired in the next 20 years.
SOS AIRCRAFT ON TARMAC , in the same spirit as the European project PAMELA, aims for a recycling goal of 85% of the aircraft at the end of its life. Achieving such results requires perfect mastery of aircraft configuration.

SOS AIRCRAFT ON TARMAC aims to develop tools and methods :

                                - To simplify deconstruction, to optimize the recycling and to target the refuse process. 
                                - To create new service to increase aircraft utilisation, for instance by decreasing maintenance time.